About us

Consilia is a consulting company based in Switzerland (in Lugano , Tessin) operating in the fields of health and safety for privat and public organizations. 

We usually operate in EMEA (Europe - Meaddle East and Africa) 

Consilia is a provider for the PDC (personal development courses) for the swiss specialists 
in the field of health and safety, either for the occupational hygienists and safety specialists. corsi-sicurezza-sul-lavoro-291x300

As certified industrial hygienists (CIH) we are able to operate in according to Swiss
Law 6508. 

Our staff are  members of Swiss Society of Occupational Hygiene (SGAH) and
Swiss Society of Safety (SGAS)

We are a partner of VISION ZERO for the reduction of injuries and accidents and for the employees' wellbeing promotion 


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