What we do in Health and Safety: 
EHS Management System Support
Effective EHS management systems are the foundation for success for companies committed to keeping employees safe and reducing unnecessary costs from injuries and illnesses in the workplace

EHS Training
How do you get employees to actively participate in improving workplace safety? By providing effective training. Knowledgeable employees are more empowered and confident about their Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) skills. This in turn leads to employees being more engaged in improving overall workplace safety.

Ergonomics in workplace
We understand the ergonomics challenges found in industrial and office work environments and offer proactive solutions for designing tailored ergonomics workspaces and programs that fit your workforce and your budget.

Health and Safety Audits  and Risk Assessments 
Our global health and safety auditing and assessment services are based upon hands-on, working knowledge of local regulatory requirements and enforcement standards, best practices, and internationally accepted standards including ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and OHSAS 18001. We utilize industry-specific, vetted protocols customized to your operations, and our seasoned auditors have extensive experience with H&S permitting, support, program and policy development, management, and auditing across a wide variety of industrial and lower risks sectors

Process Safety Management 
Unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases during processes involving hazardous chemicals have been reported for many years, and in various industries. There is a potential for an accidental release any time hazardous chemicals are not properly controlled, creating the possibility of disaster.

Contractor Safety Management 
Contractor Safety Management programs protect the safety of your teams, contractors and most importantly your business reputation. A well defined and implemented program helps ensure that contracted services support and strengthen your company’s safety performance goals as well as regulatory compliance. Contractor Safety Management is not only confined to the construction industry – it applies to all industries that hire contractors, even for general maintenance.

Industrial Hygiene
The practice of industrial hygiene is both an art and a science, requiring a strategy that enables you to proactively recognize, evaluate, and control workplace health and safety risks.